All Dance Classes at the Isadora Duncan School Suspended

Dear Dancers, Students and Parents,

After an extended period of soul searching as the new session of dance classes was approaching, I have decided that it is time for me to take a real sabbatical from teaching dance. After more than two decades of nearly continuous teaching, I have found that my creative spark and capacity for teaching has completely worn down. I will be taking the next time period to find new ways to fill the well of inspiration.

Additionally, even with the support and dedication of many of you, none of our current classes met the threshold for registration to make them viable. So from a financial standpoint, this was also a time to step away from classes.

I greatly appreciate your support and love of dance. I wish the situation could be otherwise, and I apologize for any way in which I let any of you down. That was the hardest part in making this difficult decision.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone to discuss this situation, but please note that my decision is final. I ask that you not ask me to "just do this" or "figure out that." I must take this time for a real restorative break.

I look forward with hope to the time when I will be able to return to teaching with vigor, excitement and inspiration. Until then, I hope you will continue dancing, and living your lives with beauty, art, nature and community.

All my best,