Duncan Dance Performance in Washington DC

Valerie Durham, Director of the Isadora Duncan School for Creative Movement & Dance, will perform as a guest artist with Cynthia Word, Hannah Goldberg and Ingrid Zimmer of Word Dance Theater, at the Arts Club of Washington (2017 I St NW, Washington, DC) on Tuesday, October 14, 6:30pm. Admission $10.

The program is a suite of Brahms waltzes, which Isadora Duncan choreographed more than 100 years ago, which address the many types of phases of love. The performance will present love letters between Isadora Duncan and her greatest love, Edward Gordon Craig. The music will be played live by the unparalleled Carlos Cesar Rodriguez.

Join us for an evening of dance, music and love!

Fall Dance Classes

Our Fall classes for adults and youth began on Saturday, September 6. Check the class schedule page for all the details.

Within the beauty of nature and art, we find our self expression through dance.Youth classes are divided into two age groups: ages 5-7 (or with special permission) and ages 8-12. The theme for the classes will be "Painting & Poetry." Together we'll explore the relationship between visual art from Greek, Renaissance, Impressionist, Romantic and Pre-Raphaelite art as well as the metaphorical images created from the poetry of William Blake, John Yeats, Ralph Waldo Emerson and William Wordsworth, among many others.

The adult class returns to the beginning of our progressive curriculum with Duncan Technique Level I. This is a very exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to learn the Duncan technique to do so with a strong foundational understanding of the principles and technique. Contact Valerie Durham if you are interested in beginning the Duncan Technique progressive curriculum.

Fall is just around the corner and we are getting ready to DANCE!

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Tour of the West Coast

IDS Director Valerie Durham participated in a tour of the West Coast, visiting, interviewing and dancing with Isadora Duncan Dancers in the West Coast tradition. The themes of musicality, groundedness, directness, wildness and rawness reverberated through all the discussions and dance experiences. Valerie will be bringing these approaches and understandings to all the classes in the coming Fall semester. 

The tour included an exclusive viewing of the valuable Holtzmann collection at the UCLA Special Collections Library. The collection includes original contracts, receipts and bills for Isadora's performances and studios, as well as personal correspondence, guest books, rare books, and original sketches by Grandjuan. One of the most special items was a diary kept by Edward Gordon Craig, the father of Isadora's first child, in which he wrote about Isadora (and sometimes even to her) after her death. A poignant and insightful record of one artist's feelings and thoughts about another great artist.

All our classes cultivate personal expressiveness, musicality, a connection to nature and a supportive community of dancers within the technique, philosophy and dances of the great mother of modern dance and revolutionary artist, Isadora Duncan, all within a contemporary approach and relevancy.

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